Snowmobile Radar Run Rules

  1. Think Safety First
  2. No Alcoholic beverages allowed during Radar Run.
  3. Classification subject to engine displacement.
  4. Be ready at starting line, return safely on left side of track. (Do not exit the track until the end because of the timing lights along the track). 
  5. Track length, 800 feet.
  6. If snowmobile has a tether switch, it MUST be on.
  7. Feet must remain on running board only.
  8. Helmets are mandatory.
  9. Waivers must be signed before you make your run. 
  10. Do not exit the track until the end because of the timing lights along the track. 
  11. ALL drivers must sign in and sign a waiver (no alternate drivers without a signed waiver). 
  12. ANY driver or rider under the age of 18 must be at least 12 years of age and must have completed a snowmobile safety course and have parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.  Except for children’s race (Kitty Kat’s and 120’s)
  13. Only modification allowed in stock classes will be studs in the track. 
  14. All decisions by track officials are final. 
  15. Warm-up stand must be used. No holding sled by hand. When it is the warm-up stand, tether must be in place. 

Drivers meeting at 9:45 am